Push Performance Arizona

Baseball Speed Training AZ

High School/Youth Speed Training

How does it work?

  • 2x a week speed training for high school and youth athletes.
  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings. TBD
  • Open for current Push athletes or new athletes. 

What’s the cost? 

  • $199/month for new athletes.
  • $100/month for current athletes.
  • $0 for current athletes on unlimited. 

Speed is under trained often in sport, especially in baseball.

Not just programmed, but a program that is laid out with a goal ahead.

It’s time to get faster. 

Baseball speed training AZ for high school and youth athletes.

What do you get?

An hour, 2x a week, focused on acceleration, overall athleticism, plyometrics, drill work, running mechanics, data collection with Dashr and more. 

We focus on data collection and increasing areas like:

  • 10 yard
  • 30 yard
  • 60 yard
  • Home to first
  • First step base stealing (video analysis)
  • Reaction
  • And more. 

Tuesdays: Linear speed 

Thursdays: Decel/change of direction


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