Custom Throwing Program

Push Throwing

It's time to transfer your strength to the mound.

One-on-One Assessment

  • Every new client goes through the assessment process. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and is what we use to build each athlete’s 100%-customized program.

  • We will discuss injury history, specific goals, and assessment results.

  • We will track all data in a player profile that we will update throughout the program. 

  • Video of constrained and unconstrained throwing drills. 

  • Breakdown of in-game throwing mechanics as well as how the assessment drills affect the pitching delivery. 

  • And more. 

The throwing in-person assessment is a one-time rate of $150. 

Custom throwing program for Nate Sweeney.

Athlete-Specific Throwing Program

Our Push Throwing Trainers will tailor a throwing program to your specific needs.

*Whether you need to gain velocity, build up for the season, manage in-season workloads, or work on pitch design, etc, we will help you succeed. There are no “cookie-cutter” approaches.

*Get on a program that complements your custom strength program to reach your full throwing potential. 

*You’ll have a personal throwing mentor guiding you to hit these goals. We will also help with the recruiting process and help you showcase at your best. 

Email us at for throwing pricing. 

Custom throwing program for Justin Chambers.