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The program

  • What is PUSH Performance?

PUSH Performance is an elite strength and conditioning facility that emphasizes player development for pro, collegiate, high school and youth baseball and softball players.


Each athlete is built differently, so they need to train differently to accomplish their goals. 


To start, every athlete begins with an initial assessment in our gyms located in Tempe, AZ or Englewood, CO, or remotely over Zoom. This allows us to see how the athlete moves, what deficiencies they have, what their strengths are, understand their goals, and set up a unique plan for them.


We want to bridge the gap between performance, rehab and the playing field by training the athletes, not the sport.


After the assessment, we will build the athlete a customized development program that addresses everything they need to achieve their goals on and off the field. 


  • Why are we different?

No matter where you hear it, “a one-size-fits all” program isn’t the best way to train to meet your unique baseball goals. Athletes have different bodies, athletes play different positions, athletes need their unique deficiencies strengthened; we’re here to help. 


Our experienced coaches are very technical in their coaching and programming philosophies and want to help educate our athletes further on what specific development elements are best for them.  

Additionally, athletes’ strength coaches have constant communication with their physical therapist as well as their skill-specific trainers (hitting and throwing). This helps all parties be on the same page to progress toward the athletes’ growth efficiently.

  • How old do you have to be to train at PUSH? What experience do you have to have?

Our youngest athletes are 8 years old and go all the way up to the major leagues. These programs obviously look very different but we work through what each body needs to accomplish their goals and keep them safe while doing it.

  • Do you work with softball athletes?

We sure do!

  • Should I train in season?

Yes, you should. Here’s why: 


  1. Athletes can start to experience detraining after two weeks without resistance training. 

  2. Athletes that stop training are putting themselves at a greater risk for injury. 

  3. Starting generic strength programs won’t help your unique body progress in the way that it should.


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  • What’s the throwing program?

Additionally we have custom throwing programs where our throwing trainers work with you and your strength coach to create a plan, built off data and analytics, for you to exceed your unique throwing goals. 

Our pitching program has an in-person assessment fee to ensure that the program is 100%-customized to your body and goals. We also offer a remote throwing program for those who aren’t able to make it into our gyms or are busy traveling during season.


  • Do you have hitting instruction on-site?

In Arizona, we have options for group hitting, 1-on-1 hitting, and remote hitting available. Pricing starts at $250. Email us at pushperformanceaz9@gmail.com for more information.

For hitting in Colorado, we work with Chris Dunn, from HiPro Hitting. Email us for more details.


  • What about physical therapy/preventative care?

In both Arizona and Colorado locations, we are partnered with Next Era Physical Therapy. Next Era meets the needs of our injured athletes and also work to reduce injuries through our arm care and preventative programs.


For every initial assessment with PUSH, get a free arm care/recovery consult through Next Era. 

Contact Austin to get started in AZ: aryf@nexterapt.com

Contact Nick to get started in CO: nthurlow@nexterapt.com


Finding a program that works for you

  • What are the strength membership options?

Every PUSH athlete starts their program with an initial assessment to understand what deficiencies you may have, learn about previous injuries and discuss your goals in depth. These can be done in either of our facilities or virtually.


For college and pro athletes, your program membership is good for you to come in Monday – Friday and work with our trainers in-person.


For high school/youth athletes, we have options to come in 2x a week, 3x a week, or 4x a week/unlimited Monday – Friday.


  • How does the programming change if I come in 2x per week vs. 4x per week?

Those who want to make a change and hit their goals choose to find time in their 168 hours of the week to apply it to their baseball/softball development.


Increasing time spent at Push can lead to a greater opportunity to develop properly. Adding a day a week gives you additional strength, movement, mobility, or speed days. 


A large piece of development that is often forgotten is recovery. Adding more days in the gym gives the athlete further opportunities to be ready to perform.


At the end of the day, durability trumps ability. Allowing coaches to see the athlete move more often will help athletes reach their goals more efficiently and safely.


  • Do you offer remote programs?

We have athletes train with us all over the world. Remote assessments take place over FaceTime and are a one-time charge of $50.

Remote programs are customized to meet your goals, just like an in-person program, and are created for you based around the equipment available to you. 


Additionally, you’re able to check in with your strength coach as often as you need to with questions, to check proper form, or to just catch up on your programming.


  • Do you offer family rates?

We do. If you have more than one person sign up for PUSH, your second membership with be $100 off. 

  • Can I freeze my membership?

If you need to pause your membership, let us know for how long and we’ll adjust as needed. 

  • What should I be eating to get the most out of my training?

This question depends on your unique goals. However, if you’re training a lot, you need to make sure you’re eating enough, eating nutrient-dense foods with carbohydrates/protein/healthy fats, and that you have nutritious snacks on you while you train. 

Need guidance here? Email us to meet with PUSH’s Nutrition Coach, Ashley Edwards. 

What else should i know?

Do you have yoga?

Yes! We have yoga Thursdays in Arizona with RYT-200 and CPT Ashton Newell.

We also have on-demand classes if you’re looking for an option to take with you while you travel.

I’m not from Arizona and coming in to visit/have an assessment, where should I stay?