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In our hitting training Arizona program, athletes have the option to work in group training, 1-on-1, or remotely with our hitting director Julian Komata. 

Experience real results as your strength coach and hitting coach work together to make a big impact. 

Ryland Zaborowski at Push Hitting AZ.

Utilize Data

  • Assessment included in first session.
  • Utilize BlastMotion and data reports to capture movements and metrics to progress overall. 
  • Track Live AB’s with Trackman. 
  • And more. 

Email us at pushperformanceaz9@gmail.com for hitting training Arizona pricing and to get started. 

Hitting training AZ - Justin Wylie

What makes a well-rounded hitter?

If a hitter is sufficient in these three things, chances are they will see success.

1. Pitch Recognition/Plate Discipline

If the hitter knows the strike-zone, recognizes what pitches are coming, and can swing or take accordingly, the chances of success are higher.

2. Swing mechanics

With our lack of time to make decisions, we must develop a swing that covers as much of the strike-zone as possible and creates the longest hitting zone possible (space in which we can impact the ball properly).

Having a good swing is the sturdiest pillar.

It gives you the most room for error and creates more opportunities to hit the ball on the barrel.

Factors that go into a good swing? 

Swing plane/direction, rotational acceleration/bat speed, connection, etc.

With further discussion, we would be able to show you how a good swing = built-in improvement of plate discipline and pitch recognition.

3. Mentality/Approach

Knowing what to tell yourself to keep your swing right, whether that’s internal or external cues, is key for consistency.

This is where hitting gets fun; it’s different for everyone.

Lastly, a hitter who has no confidence will rarely have success.

You can get away with a lot of things if your mind is clear of doubt.

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