How to properly transition from in-season to off-season

Off-season baseball strength with Drew Douglas.

Now that the high school baseball season is over and the college season is coming to a close, what should you do to separate yourself this summer?

The summer months allow you to reflect on your spring season, put in the work necessary to create new physical adaptations, and take your body and game to a new level. 

When fall ball comes again you want to go in confident that you are not the same player as you were last spring.  

This is the time to make real strength improvements, movement qualities, as well as fine tune your hitting or pitching abilities. 

After the spring season, there must be a period where strength is prioritized. Throughout the season your body is continually being broken down, so after it’s done, take that time to build it back up. 

During the summer, many athletes lose time in their development because they’re constantly traveling, playing games, and going to showcases. 

What athletes do not understand is that the same way showcases can help in the recruitment process, they can also really hurt you if you’re not ready. If you’re going to a showcase, you must know you’re going to put up better numbers than the last one or there is no point.

Off-season baseball strength with Tyler Griggs.

Strength is the differentiator.

If you go to a showcase in January and hit the same numbers at a showcase in November, what do you need to do?

Focus on a proper strength program that is custom to your body to upgrade the numbers you’re looking for. Your body is your resume. Off-season baseball strength matters. 

All of our athletes at Push Performance understand that the work they put in behind the scenes in the weight room, tied in with hitting in the cage with JP3 Baseball or on the mound with Push Throwing Trainer Noah Junis pays dividends in their future games, showcases and college opportunities. 

If you’re lacking a strength background and proper mechanics, it may be time to take a pause on showcases and more games and make strength and proper mechanics that transition to the field your differentiator. 

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