Push Performance Arizona


Not able to make it to our facilities?

Don't let that stop you.

One-on-One Virtual Assessment

Before our athletes touch a weight or a baseball, we conduct an in-depth, head-to-toe physical assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses, and movement deficiencies through FaceTime. 

From this, we are able to build a personalized strength program to address any issue we find, and help the athlete succeed on the field. We offer a remote throwing program as well. 

The remote strength assessment is a one-time rate of $50. 

Athlete-Specific Strength and Mobility Program

We build customized and need-specific strength, conditioning and mobility programs for our athletes, based on their individual needs and goals. 

No two athletes are the same, and we train them as such – now, from wherever they are.  

PUSH Remote is built for players who aren’t able to make it into our Arizona and Colorado locations and want to play at the next level.

Our remote strength program is a monthly rate of $299.

PUSH Performance Baseball Development