Push Performance Arizona

REMOTE Throwing


Hit your throwing goals - now from anywhere.

One-on-One Mechanical Analysis

Our team will determine what throwing changes are needed and work alongside you to hit your goals. 

Keep your program personal; have video discussions with your throwing coach as much as needed. 

You get what you put in; communication is key.

Remote throwing program athlete, Carston Herman, trains at Push Performance.

Athlete-Specific Throwing Program

Our Push Throwing Trainers will tailor a throwing program to your specific needs.

*Whether you need to gain velocity, build up for the season, manage in-season workloads, etc, we will help you succeed. There are no “cookie-cutter” approaches.

*There may be no true baseball development facilities around you and we’re here to guide you. You’ll receive a strategic plan to follow so you can focus on training and reaching your true potential – from anywhere. 

*You’ll have a personal throwing mentor guiding you to hit these goals. We will also help with the recruiting process and help you showcase at your best. 

Remote throwing is a monthly rate of $250. 

Bret de Geus