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PUSH Performance is the one-stop-shop for your baseball development.

One-on-One Physical Assessment

Before our athletes touch a weight or a baseball, we conduct an in-depth, head-to-toe physical assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses, and movement deficiencies.

From this assessment, we are able to build a customized strength program to address any issue we find and help the athlete succeed on the field.

We’ll also use VALD force plates, which measure forces exerted onto the ground by a person as they perform a movement or exercise. 

Hunter Bishop baseball development

Athlete-Specific Weightlifting and Mobility Program

We build fully customized and need-specific strength, conditioning and mobility programs for our athletes, based on their individual needs and goals. 

No two athletes are the same, and we train them as such.

Matt Frazier - Push Performance AZ

Speed and Agility

Our speed and agility training sessions help athletes improve speed, agility and quickness. 

Steal more bases, track down more fly balls, and increase your range in the infield.

We utilize the Dashr system, video analysis, and more to track speed progress as well. 

Youth/Hs: Focus on increasing 10 yard, 30 yard, 60 yard, home to first, first step base stealing, reaction and more. 

Speed and agility for baseball players.

Throwing Program

Our team offers our athletes high-quality pitching instruction with a fully-dedicated pitching tunnel in the facility. 

Our experienced coaches, armed with state-of-the-art pitch tracking technology (Trackman, Edgertronic, etc.), help our pitchers increase velocity, design pitches, and stay healthy.

Additionally, we offer remote throwing programs for those who are unable to make it into our gyms in person. 

PUSH Performance Throwing Program - Logan Webb

Hitting Program

In our hitting program, athletes have the option to work in group training, 1-on-1, or remotely with our hitting director, Julian Komata. 

Experience real results as your strength coach and hitting coach work together to make a big impact. 

Push hitting program.

Injury rehab/Preventative Care W/ Next Era Physical therapy

Injuries happen, and we can help. 

We have partnered with Next Era Physical Therapy to assist rehabbing athletes with all types of baseball-related injuries, including Tommy John and shoulder injuries. 

Located right at our facility in Tempe, Next Era is also great with services to help reduce injury. Check out their website to learn more how they’ve helped our athletes in the past. 

LIVE In-Gym Competiton

Put your comprehensive training to the test against your fellow PUSH athletes with live at-bats. 

We hold pitcher vs. hitter competitions periodically with Trackman to track it all along the way. 

PUSH Remote Strength Program

PUSH Remote is built for players who aren’t able to make it into our gyms in Arizona and Colorado and want to play at the next level. 

After a virtual assessment, our trainers create the athlete a customized program that addresses everything they need to develop on the field and off the field. 

Each athlete is built differently, so, they need to train differently to accomplish their goals – now they can do it from home. 

PUSH Performance - Baseball Development

Softball Program

We are excited to announce our new in-house softball strength program for our athletes in AZ and around the country. 

Train with coaches experienced in the unique world of softball development and get your body ready to compete at your best. 

Push Performance Softball Training

Baseball-Specific Yoga

Our PUSH yoga AZ program is led by RYT and CPT Ashton Newell. Our class focuses on increasing athletes’ range of motion, flexibility, core strength, and active recovery to avoid injury. 

When it comes to building a stronger and more functional body, a regular yoga addition can provide next-level results for baseball/softball players.