Push Performance Arizona

Arizona Youth Summer Baseball Development Camps

Focus on proper development/skillwork that transfers to the field long-term.

Setting youth athletes up for success

Without proper strength, we cannot generate force. Therefore, without proper strength, we cannot transfer velocity when we throw or hit.

We’re excited to announce our month-long summer camps, built to set up youth athletes for success – focusing on proper body development, speed, agility, and transferring to the field.

On the strength side, this will include proper arm care protocols, basic movement patterns, i.e. squats, hinges, push-ups. Build proper habits now so you don’t have relearn down the road.

Additionally, we’ll have sessions with our big league throwing/hitting trainers, as well as a session with our certified nutrition coach.

Arizona youth baseball summer camps signups are open.

CaMP details

For: 7-12-year-old baseball players in Arizona.

When: Starting June 6, 8 am -12 pm. Tuesdays/Thursdays. 8 sessions per month total. Options to train in June, July, or both (discounted rate if doing both).

What: 4-hour sessions with Push AZ coaches including strength, speed, hitting/throwing, nutrition education, Push t-shirt, and food/breaks provided each day.

Price: Call us at 480-645-5650 or email us at pushperformanceaz9@gmail.com for pricing details.

How to sign up:  Call, email, or fill out our form here

We look forward to having you join the PUSH family! 

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